Patricia on the cover of Punk Globe Magazine’s 37th Anniversary issue

Interview by Ginger Coyote: The Ultimate Rocker: The One and Only Patricia Wilson

Guitarist of Toronto’s Own Crackpuppy

“Patricia: The best thing about Crackpuppy is also the best thing about Punk Globe, we are both real, take no shit, and both work towards a better Globe for all.”

Here’s what you missed at Friday night’s Against Me! World Pride show

Crackpuppy’s Guns N’ Roses-meets-lounge singer brand of sleaze rock
Toronto band Crackpuppy really doesn’t sound like anything else. On one hand, their sound is firmly rooted in ’80s hard rock and glam metal — all kick-in-the-chest rhythm section and shredding guitar riffs — and guitarist Patricia Wilson has a sort of Slash-esque stage presence. On the other hand, vocalist Drew Rowsome has a sort of lounge-y baritone that would be more at home at a piano bar. What’s amazing is that they don’t just manage to make the disparate influences work, they make them sound amazing.

The show wasn’t supposed to start until the Trans* Pride march ended, but unfortunately, all shows at Yonge-Dundas have to be over by 11 p.m. due to city noise by-laws, which meant that to get everything moving on time, Crackpuppy had to start playing to a mostly empty square. The upside: when the marchers did arrive, they hadtheir own WWE-style entrance music.

Chris Dart on the CBC, June 30, 2014

“Local hard rockers Crackpuppy sounded like boozy, metal-informed riffers from the ’80s, and from the looks of their lead singer, they probably had been in bands just like this back then.”

Jordan Bimm in Now Magazine, July 2, 2009

“ Ever felt like losing your hearing in one night? Then you should have been at the Horseshoe Tavern to hear local loud rockers Crackpuppy. As I fight my way to the front against the current of thrashing sound waves I spot art scene bad boy Keith Cole who generously hands me a small box of earplugs — featuring the Crackpuppy logo. Why so loud? According to Drew Rowsome, lead singer and major hair flipper, ‘Patricia [Wilson] wants to be louder than Motorhead.’ I search for Patricia, matriarch and guitar player. She’s pounding back shots of Jack Daniels like a true rock star. ‘If the music’s too loud then you’re too old,’ she says flatly. I give her five years.”

Rolyn Chambers in fab magazine, June 2, 2009

“VINTAGE PORN is Crackpuppy’s five-track foray into punkified hard rock, which sounds like a blend of The Damned, Social Distortion, and The Cramps…once the guitar solo kicks in, the hard rock fireworks are thrown into overdrive…with glimmers of guitar heroism strewn about. ”

Review by Mike SOS - April ‘06

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