Crackpuppy fuses thunderous guitar riffs with soaring melodies to craft a loud, lewd metal-edged roar. “Everything we are and nothing we should be” is the motto of this band who will kick your motherfuckin’ ass and make you like it.

Guitarist Patricia Wilson and singer Drew met doing shots at one of Toronto’s rare, now-defunct, rock n’ roll club nights. Having honed their chops in various other bands Patricia, after several Jack Daniels, asked if Drew would like to hang out and write some songs. Skeptical but intrigued Drew acquiesced. In a matter of hours, and several beers, three songs were ready to rock. The new collaborators were offered a gig before they even had a band. Two talented Toronto musicians offered to sit in and at that first sold-out showcase Crackpuppy roared to life. By the end of the night the embryonic unit had secured two more shows.

They called Mark Crossley, of National Velvet fame, to anchor the heavy-duty rhythm section needed to augment the driving force of the riffs. Crackpuppy has always insisted on having a hard-hitting drummer to support the hard rock that is the band’s signature. As Patricia says, “If your fuckin’ drummer don’t slam you ain’t got a band.” Cathy Marchese is not only hard-hitting but inventive and adds sweet vocals. And loud because Patricia likes it loud. As Paul Bellini, of Kids In The Hall fame, writes: “Patricia plays in front of a stack of Marshall amps that would make Ozzy dizzy.” Drew’s deep distinctive voice rides over the gunning roar that is Crackpuppy to illuminate the tortured intimacy of the lyrics.

Playing live is Crackpuppy’s forte, they love to drive to the edge and dive right over. Nothing is held back. Their CDs, Vintage Porn andJesus Mafia, capture the band’s raw energy and gutsy bloodlust for the stage. Even though well-trained these puppies still claim their territory.

Lead Guitarist
Patricia Wilson // Guitar
Cathy Marchese // Drums
Drew Rowsome // Vocals
Mark Crossley // Bass
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